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How much material do we need to begin a healthy life?

How much material do we need to begin a healthy life? Not as much as you might consider. 

Many times we move into a smaller house where half of our stuff doesn’t fit in the place. Furniture, old clothes, books, shoes, art, that we clutter for many years but when was the last time we need them?

When it’s about to move, it’s the best period to get rid of them, and you know what? We won’t miss any of it since we do it. In fact, we might wonder why we had so much stuff in the first place.

We don’t say to become a hardcore minimalist, but smaller space can keep our lives pretty simple. And this simpler life is much more aligned with our environmental values — small living means a lesser carbon footprint. We end up thinking carefully about what we buy or bring into our life. For instance, acquiring a new cordless lamp which we can use in several rooms or even our balcony / patio or garden, we have to get rid of an old one, that consumes far more electricity.

William Morris once said, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” So after getting rid of things we haven’t used, or they are not in our likes, take a look around. Sit in your reading chair and observe your home. Do all the things hanging on our walls make us smile or think? Do the pieces of art we own make our heart sing?

We all have a few rare items taking up space in our little apartment, and all of these things are beautiful and unique, and they remind us of people, trips, happy moments. Do not get rid of those things. If anything, make more space for them. Those are the objects that inspire. And without all that clutter, they get to shine for us that much more.