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Does Your Lighting Affect Customer Satisfaction?

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The last couple of years, it’s a global phenomenon that restaurants makes a significant effort to create the perfect atmosphere for their visitors. Low dim lighting, decor and colours that represent the restaurant’s concept. However, in some cases, they become too dark, after dark and while chef’s put all their effort and imagination to support the restaurant’s reputation low dim lighting can’t support their presentation and are failing to promote the one thing that they supposed to do, the customer experience!

Of course, the intention here is not to criticise the restaurant’s choices nor the interior designers, but given a little thought of people with poor low light vision; they would understand the struggle. When it comes the time to pick and read the menu, and after to admire the food presentation, it will require probably a smartphone flashlight, which many times it’s embarrassing for the restaurant. We do understand that restaurant owners or chefs want to create an environment which represents their concept. But that doesn’t necessarily mean to accomplish that you need to keep your clients in the dark.

There is a variety of cool and fashionable light fixtures to make a restaurant design and space look exceptional, different, and stand out. The designers guilty is that they got carried away by that, and they ignored the actual light functionality. Edison LED bulbs or secret lighting are a new trend for restaurant lighting. When the trend started, it was meant for just for light decoration, not as the primary light source to provide decent lighting for the restaurant, but lately has become the primary lighting source because it looks cool not having any glare. It results in being too dark for visitors to see when the sun goes down. When the design is based on the above, the lighting designers and the interior designer should also add different light fixtures to improve the restaurant lighting situations and improve the dining experience. Of course, they will still use the Edison bulbs or the secret lighting as decoration but should secure the table lighting as well.

First is the complaints from visitors that they can’t see well, because of those trends or the managers dim those lights at night a bit too much thinking it creates an intimate mood or even the diming system has lost the programming, and none knows how to fix it. How can the diners read the menu if it is too dark to make it out? This is now when they are deciding how much money to spend in your business, and you’ve designed an obstacle for them.

Secondly, if the establishment is too dark for some visitors to see – how could they see how beautiful your dishes are? It is an essential part of your restaurant, correct? Today, with social media, many people love to post a picture of their meals and is a great way to promote your restaurant. Lots of photos online on restaurant review websites are bad just because there wasn’t proper lighting. It is free advertising that the diners are doing for the restaurant, but it end’s up crappy, and lately, restaurants are locking their social accounts not accepting photos from their visitors, but have they wondered what the meaning of the social media is?

Voltra Cordless Lighting is the solution

If your restaurant has recognised all these above – then Voltra can fix this issue without destroying your restaurant concept. Check the picture; your restaurant doesn’t have to be bright everywhere. At the very least, have focused lighting on the table itself. It will still produce the overall desirable intimate feeling but makes it more useful for the visitors reading their menu and eating. Voltra Cordless lights are not requiring any installation which could support any event that needs to move tables around. But also it doesn’t matter if the tables are inside or outside in a patio or a garden as the light is waterproof. The central lights can be dimmed very low because customers would see the menu, their beautiful faces, and more importantly, your delicate dishes, without using a smartphone.

We would be happy to help with your project, and we could easily arrange a sample for you to test in your venue. Above all, we would be glad to help you to improve your visitors’ experience for your restaurant.